More and more businesses are going hybrid Are you ready to join them?


Enterprise IT managers are discovering that hybrid cloud delivers the agility they need to support the business, along with full visibility and control over their resources. According to IDG, 50%* of organisations are already using or moving to hybrid cloud. And that number is set to increase…

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Managing your virtual environment


Struggling to manage your virtual environment using traditional tools? Learn how upgrading to VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ helps you optimise performance and capacity from a single dashboard. Read more

How to configure S/MIME encryption certificate in Exchange online / Office 365


Finally, we have managed to install our existing S/MIME certificate to our new Exchange Online office 365.

We googled and found hundreds of procedures on how to configure S/MIME encryption certificates however 95% of editors just copy and paste from Microsoft blogs which can be annoying as they do not provide any good explanation.

It is fairly easy if you check the requirements before you start: Read more

How to install SSL/TLS on QNAP

First look for a certificate provider who can provide a free SSL/TLS for Server certificate. I have searched and compiled a list of free certificates who can provide a free certificate for QNAP.

I will show you how to get the certificate and install these on the QNAP from, with this you can get unlimited free renewals.

Please check the list below:

List of free SSL/TLS certificates:

  2. ( some time you get untrusted seller ).
  3. ( Auto install with Plesk ).
  4. (from top provider).

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How to enable Azure CDN for your website, cloud app or storage

Azure CDN with Qureshi

Overview of the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content delivery network (CDN) provides contents cache service to your site or storage at strategically placed locations for maximum performance and bandwidth to the end users.

The benefits of using the CDN :

  • Better Speed and user experience for end users who are far from a content source
  • Large distributed scale to better handle spontaneous high load

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